I was fortunate enough to be able to take a surf trip down to Baja with six of my best girl friends this Spring hosted by iSuf. This was such a special and unique opportunity – a trip that we will all never forget. Not only was our surf trip empowering but it was full of laughter, good conversation and really great instruction! Thomas and Zach were easy to be around yet professional and incredibly dedicated to teaching us the fundamentals of surfing. The ocean has always intimidated me, and this trip definitely pushed me to my comfort limits! With that being said, I have also never felt more capable and strong in my life. Thomas and Zach felt the fear amongst my friends and I when we were out in the ocean, and they took us seriously, but they never let us give up. They guided us through our fear and somehow taught us how to surf! Our trip was nothing short of incredible. This will be an annual event for us all no doubt.

L. Schlinger