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Our Story

The Best Surf Lessons For Both Quality And Price!

Our Dedication

In 2013 Alelia Parenteau founded iSurf as a safe and encouraging space for women to learn to surf. Although we are no longer solely focused on teaching women we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality service for the most affordable price on the Central Coast.​Surfing is one of the most difficult sports you will ever try. Beyond trying to walk on water, you are faced with continuously changing conditions as the tides vary, the winds shift, and the waves come and go. We like to start by getting to know you, your experience with the ocean, and your personal goals for surfing. With that we are able to tailor each lesson to meet your needs and goals. In all of the programs iSurf offers, our staff are trained to guide you through understanding the ocean by breaking down what you are looking at, what you are paddling over and what you are paddling into before you touch the water. This knowledge will give you the confidence and insight that will help you to join any lineup and catch waves.​While we would love for you to surf with us forever, and you are welcome to stay as long as you would like, our goal is to give you the knowledge and skills so that you feel comfortable and confident to go out and surf on your own or with friends in any lineup. So, if you see us drivin, walkin, padlin, slidin by, we hope you will take a moment to say Hi!​See you at the beach!

EIN 46-3053463

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