Whether you are learning to surf for the first time, or have been out on the waves more than a couple of times, being out on the open ocean can be both a tranquil and an overwhelming experience. The ocean can be unpredictable, unforgiving, and a force to be reckoned with. That doesn’t mean, however, that we can’t harness it’s power for our own enjoyment and as a way to deepen our understanding of the natural world. We know that not everyone will inherently have the skills or mindset to take on the power of the water, which is why all of our surf instructors create surf lessons tailored to your needs and preferences. Learning how to surf shouldn’t be considered scary, especially when you’re learning with a school that has been endorsed by the World Surf League — the only one in Santa Barbara, that is. Contact us for information about our surf lessons, or to book online. Become a member with iSurf and master the art of catching of waves. 

Lesson Info

Lessons are usually 1.5 hours, and are offered seven days a week, year round — surf and weather permitted. If you don’t have any surfing equipment, don’t stress it, we provide wetsuits and surfboards so all you have to do is show up and have a good attitude. One-person private lessons are $140, while two or more people in a private lesson is $95 per person. Depending on what you want, we offer a couple of different lessons:

  • Private and Group Lessons – In private and private group surf classes, a professionally trained instructor will acquaint you with the ocean from a surfer’s perspective, as well as teach you how to safely and efficiently use your equipment to get into the surf and catch some waves. [Book Now button placed here]
  • Members Only Lessons – In our regularly scheduled group classes, students are working on reading and catching waves on their own with and without assistance while also making bottom turns, cutbacks, floaters, and more. If you want to dip your toe in the water before you commit, we offer 1-month memberships. [Book Now button here]

What it Means to Be Endorsed by the World Surf League

The World Surf League, or WSL, organizes an annual tour of professional surf competitions so you can watch the world’s best female and male surfers compete in the most exotic locations around the world. Their headquarters are located in Los Angeles, but they have offices around the globe. Some things that the WSL are dedicated to include promoting professional surfers as world-class athletes and celebrating the history, athletes, and dedicated partners that embody professional surfing. So, why is it important that iSurf school has been acknowledged and endorsed by the World Surf League? It means that we are not only experts in surfing, but we also carry the culture, history, and honor of professional surfing like a badge. When you surf with us, know that you are in great hands. 

Misconceptions About Surfing

Just like many other sports that seem dangerous or unfamiliar to most, there are plenty of harmful misconceptions that are attached to surfing. While the world is fascinated with those who surf and make their living on the ocean, people are still unsure of what the sport entails. Here are some misconceptions about surfing that aren’t true, that may inspire you to start surfing today.

  • You have to learn how to surf when you’re young – Kids have that sense of wonder and curiosity that make them more likely to take part in sports or activities that seem like too much of a commitment to adults. What’s more is that if you start anything at a young age and practice consistently, you will end up pretty good. This is true for any sport, including surfing, but what’s also true is the fact that if you pick up a sport and a hobby and practice like you care, you can develop the skills to excel, no matter what age you are. Blends of people of different ages all enjoy surfing just as much as any kid.  
  • Surfing is dangerous for kids – Sure, there is risk involved in surfing, but that risk doesn’t necessarily always disappear once you get older. With the proper guidance, the appropriately-sized surfboard, and parents that understand that you have to start somewhere, there is no reason a kid shouldn’t be able to learn how to surf. Plus, starting young gives your kid the chance to spend the rest of their lives doing something they enjoy. 
  • You’re more likely to get attacked by a shark when you surf – While it is true that the ocean is a shark’s habitat, a shark attack, even for surfers, is extremely rare. Everyone who enters the ocean has to assume some risk and take a few precautions, but if you let the fear of sharks keep you out of the ocean, you will never get the chance to enjoy a truly magnificent experience of surfing. 
  • You can only surf in the summer – Surfing may be more popular in the summer because of the warmer weather and water, but surfing can be done year-round. If you’re going out to the water during the winter months, just make sure you have a good wetsuit, and gloves and booties if need-be. At the end of the day, there is no reason not to enjoy a good surf, no matter what season it is. 
  • Only people in California and Hawaii surf – Plenty of people in California surf, including us, and while surfing may have started in Hawaii, there are top-quality waves to be found around the world. Awesome beaches can be found along the East Coast of the United States, not to mention plenty of beaches in Europe and along the coasts of Africa.

There are other misconceptions, like how you have to be in peak physical condition to surf or that surfers are lazy, which are already two contradicting misconceptions, but the only way to truly believe what surfing is, is to experience it for yourself. When you’re ready to learn the power of the ocean and push your boundaries, book a class with us now and learn how to surf with iSurf!